Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate Registration

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What is birth registration?

Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate. The birth registration is the birth and death registration law, 2004 (Act No. 29 of 2004) under the name, gender, birth date and place of a person, the name of parents, their nationality and permanent address, registration by the registered registrar, Give birth certificates. According to the provisions of the Birth Registration Act, the registrar or person who contravenes this rule can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 500 (five hundred rupees) or more than two months in jail or both.

Importance of birth registration-

Birth registration is the first state recognition of a man. The state acknowledges that yes, you have become a future citizen of this state as a child. You will be given the status and all the facilities of the respected citizen of this state.

It is mandatory to show the age proof and birth registration card in those cases-

   – Passport Issue
   – Admission to school
   – Registration of marriage
   – Admission to the educational institution
   – Recruitment to government, private and autonomous organizations
   – Driving license issue
   – Preparation of voter list
   – Land registration
   – Open the bank account
   – Import or export or both licenses
   – Receive gas, water, telephone and electricity
   – Taxpayer identification number (TIN) received
   – Receipt of the contractor license
   – Approval of home design
   – Car registration
   – Trade license receipt
   – National ID card receipt
   – Prevention of child marriage
   – Child labor prevention

Birth registration process online

Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate. Click this link to register for birth registration online ( The registration process is completed in different stages. First, the registrar’s birthplace or standing address department, district, etc. have to cross the stages to the ward. Apply online birth registration form first in Bangla and later in English and click on the Save button after making the necessary edits. After clicking on the Save button, the application is transferred to the Registrar’s Office concerned, the applicant has no other amendment option. Then in the next step click on the print button and get the printed copy of the application. For certificates, collect certified certificates in the application form within 15 days and contact the registrar’s office, along with the attested copies of the necessary documents. Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate.

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অন্যকে জানিয়ে দিন শেয়ার করে!

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