What Is Web Hosting?, Types of Web Hosting, You should Know

What is Web Hosting? if you want to create a website, You should know it well. Just like we need a house to live in, just like we need web hosting to keep a website online.

Because it is not possible to keep a website online without web hosting. As you visit our website, BD Govt Jobs, it is connected to a web server from where the data is displayed here. The server on which the website is placed is called the web host.

Domain and Hosting are required to launch a website online. I will discuss domains another day. Let’s just know today what is web hosting. How many types work?

Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a place to host an online website. Where all the information on your website will be stored. The submitted information can be viewed online by logging into your website.

When we buy hosting, the hosting company gives us some space on the internet’s web servers. We can upload or keep files like File, Audio File, Image File, Media, Text Articles etc online.

This server is a computer. Which is kept online for 24 hours. It is available 24 hours online so we can visit any website or view required information anytime.

You visit our website to see various images and articles that are uploaded on our BD Govt Jobs web server. You can see this information on our website as it has been uploaded.

So far we have understood what is web hosting, so now let’s know what are the types of web hosting and what is it.

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Types of Web Hosting?

If you want to start blogging, after knowing web hosting, it is very important to know the types of web hosting.

Because there are different types of web hosting depending on the type of website. Depending on the type of your website you need to purchase web hosting.

There are many types of web hosting. But we will mention below the web hostings which are used more. Since you will be purchasing hosting for the website, hopefully, one of the following web hosting packages will work for you.

  • Shared Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Hosting VPS)
  • Dedicated Hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a server space shared with multiple websites. That is, suppose you are buying a server where you are hosting multiple websites. Shared hosting is where server space is shared/shared with other websites.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting that you need to know. Below we have mentioned its advantages and disadvantages for your knowledge.

Benefits of Shared Hosting (Shared Hosting).

  1. You can buy and use it at a very low cost.
  2. This package can be very good for a new website.
  3. You can easily buy shared hosting for 50 to 200 taka per month.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  1. In shared hosting, the speed of the site is usually relatively low.
  2. Shared hosting servers sometimes have slightly more problems than other hosting services.
  3. You cannot upload as many files as shared hosting has less space.

Virtual Private VPS Hosting

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Hosting VPS) is much better than shared hosting. It is generally better to use shared hosting when starting a website. And on the other hand when a website becomes popular and a large number of visitors come to the website then VPS hosting (Virtual Private Hosting VPS) should be used.

VPS hosting is private hosting. That is, the specific amount of space from a server you bought will not be shared with others. Which is shared in case of shared hosting purchase.

That means only you will use the space provided by your server. In this, your website can keep a good balance with visitors along with good speed.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  1. If you are using shared hosting, your website may be down at times when there are a lot of visitors to your website. Because more visitors means more requests to your website server. If you use VPS hosting then chances are high that your website speed will be good as well as your site functioning well online.
  2. Better security than shared hosting.
  3. Get VPS hosting for 100 USD to 150 USD per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is completely different from other hosting. In the case of dedicated hosting, you need to buy an entire server. No one else will be on this server. Only your website can exist.

For example, in the case of shared hosting, the server is shared, and in the case of VPS hosting, a fixed amount of server space is given, but in the case of dedicated hosting, nothing is shared with any other website.

Remember, dedicated hosting is only used for popular websites.

Because usually, small-minded websites can continue well with shared hosting. You should use this hosting only when your website is getting a lot of visitors. When your website goes big.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  1. Dedicated hosting has some advantages due to which it is used by many website owners.
  2. You will get much better security.
  3. A large number of website visits will not actually cause any problems for your website.
  4. Your website speed will be much better.
  5. Get dedicated hosting from 6,0+ USD  per month.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting (Cloud Hosting) is a name to be trusted more than other hosting packages. Because of the use of cloud hosting, you can rest assured about the speed of your website or online presence.

Compared to other hosting packages, cloud hosting is of much better quality / good service is available. If you use cloud hosting (Cloud Hosting) then your website will get superfast/website speed many times better.

Many servers are kept together in cloud hosting. Due to this you can reduce and increase CPU, RAM, Storage on your server as needed. It will never stop your website. Because even if there is a problem with your server, the auto website will be running by another server. The website will be online for 24 hours.

Cloud Hosting (Cloud Hosting) servers are less likely to go down. Because cloud hosting keeps a website online 24 hours a day with auto-balancing. Your website will be kept running from another server when there is a problem with your server.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  1. There is no need to stress about visitors in Cloud Hosting.
  2. If your website gets 100,000 hits at a time then it won’t be a problem.
  3. Site security is very high.
  4. The site speed is super fast.

Which hosting should you buy?

You may have a question about which hosting you should take.

It will depend on the visitors to your website. If you just want to start a website, then I suggest you purchase shared hosting.

Because your website will get very few visitors in the beginning. The best hosting package for a small number of visits is shared hosting. Moreover, you can purchase shared hosting for a small amount of money.

And if your website has a good amount of visitors then you can buy a hosting package depending on your income.

When you get a good amount of visitors to your website you can take cloud hosting. The cloud hosting service is very good in terms of web hosting.

Also, you can get a dedicated server when your website gets a lot of visitors. There will be no problem on your website server to get a large number of visitors. Your website visitors can easily visit your website.

Where to buy web hosting?

You must try to get web hosting from the popular web hosting companies in the world. Because all those companies have been doing hosting business for a long time with reliability, it is more reliable to trust them.

Last Words, Web Hosting BD Govt Jobs

Hopefully, since you have read this article now, I can say that you have learned more about web hosting through this article. Hopefully, you are now able to purchase the right web hosting for your website and benefit from this purchase.

How do you feel about our today’s article, you can definitely tell me your opinion by commenting. Because we try to accurately evaluate every visitor’s comment.

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